How To Win On The Pokies

“I won $455 using the tips in this book!”

Hi Adam, I just wanted to say thanks for the book. I got it exactly 4 days after ordering, not bad from NZ!

My friend thought it was going to be crap, but I proved him wrong at the Panthers Club last night.

I won $455 using the tips in this book, using one of the machines you mentioned! Here’s a photo my mate took on his phone.

- Rhys M
Carrara Waters, QLD

Adam Morris, authorFrom: Adam Morris

- Author of Pokie Secrets, Australia’s #1 selling book on Pokies.



Dear Fellow pokie player,

Let’s be honest here, we all know that there is no sure fire fool-proof way to legally win on the pokies, every time you play them.

Unfortunately, the computers inside the machine make sure of that, BUT what if I told you that using the tips in this book, you will dramatically increase the amount of times you win on the pokies?

Tried to ban it!Pokie Secrets bookAs seen on Today Tonight

  • Are you sick and tired of always losing on the pokies and never really ever being able to get a decent win?
  • Have you been playing the pokies week after week and always losing?
  • Have you ever noticed that the same people seem to win all the time, but it never seems to be on your machine?


You don’t realise it yet, but soon you are going to learn the secrets that will have you winning on the pokies like a professional.


Ask yourself, how long has it been?


You know how all your friends always say that “you can never win on the pokies”….



Here’s a fact for you:

Did you know that over $50,000,000 (that’s 50 million dollars) was WON on the pokies in Queensland…


- Information taken from the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulations


So isn’t it about time YOU started winning?

By the time you finish reading this, you too will have access to the knowledge that will have you winning on the pokies like never before.

Pokies pics

  • Ever wonder why the Queen of the Nile game is in every bar?
  • Want to know the difference between progressive and mystery jackpots and which one YOU should NEVER play?
  • How about a super secret using a cellphone tool to win, and it’s 100% certified legal!

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Pokie Secrets book

“Took in $20, came home with $90!”

Hayden pokie fanThanks for the book, as soon as it arrived I read it cover-to-cover and headed straight down to the pub.

I couldn’t believe how accurate it was, I only took in $20 but came home with $90! Not bad for a few minutes on the pokies.

- Hayden Russ, Auckland NZ

With information extracted from hundreds of hours interviews with ex-employees of Australia’s largest gaming companies, Pokie Secrets reveals all you need to know about the pokie industry, how the machines work and how to beat them at their own game.

Over 100 pages you’ll also find the specs for many of the most popular pokie machines, to help you identify which machines are going to pay out more and which ones to avoid.

Hurry and grab your copy

As you can see, this is a REAL paperback book and I only have a few left, this isn’t some cheap crappy ebook that can just be copied off and passed around, I only printed 500 of these books and I have less that 50 copies left.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Pokie Secrets Books in box

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“I’m enjoying a lot more wins!”

Jenny pokies fanHi Adam, it was the chapter about game design that really floored me. I knew they were designed to take our money, but the things you revealed in this book almost made me sick!

I’m glad now, I know what to look out for and your tips have already saved me a lot of wasted hours and I’m enjoying a lot more wins!

- Jenny Davis, Merrimac, QLD



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“The $50 Secret System”

This is the secret system that the online casinos are fearful of. Following this system to the letter, when played in the recommended casino, you are guaranteed to turn $50 into $100′s within one session.

Only 250 copies of this report will be sold to ensure it doesn’t get over-used and the loophole closed.

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Ruby pokies

Pokie bonuses

Asian Beauty pokies

Some of the 290 different pokies you can play



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pokies package



If you want to stop losing on the pokies and start walking out of the casino or pub with your pockets jingling with the sweet sound of free money, order your copy today.

To your good fortune,


Adam Morris, author



P.S. You won’t find this book in the stores or on Amazon and you certainly won’t find the free bonuses you get here being offered anywhere else.

P.S.S. Seriously, the risk is all on me. Try it out, if it doesn’t work for you, send it back!

P.S.S.S. I’m eating steak either way, it’s up to you whether or not you take advantage of this offer or not. Why drop more money thoughtlessly into the machines without any kind of education? Do you like throwing money away? (me neither)